Thursday, August 21, 2008

Covert Hypnosis Dynamics Examples 3

Hi, let's now quickly look at an example of proper use of covert hypnosis. I like this example because it worked so well and it took less than a minute. Besides, while doing it, I got called upon it by another friend that I told I was interested in covert hypnosis... and it worked anyway! :)

There we were in a pub with some of my school mates. This was the second location we were at that evening because they already closed another pub we were at before. The time was approaching 2 a.m. and we were getting ready to go to a club. One of the girls said she felt tired and wanted to go home. I thought to myself it was a great opportunity to test my skills...

Another friend was trying to convince her to go dancing with us but she kept repeating that it was late and she'd better go home. I jumped in their conversation and said: "Hey Jane (the name is made up), I bet you love to have fun don't you?"

She smiled and said: "Yes, why?"

I said: "Well, you can go home if you want. But if you go with us, you'll wake up tomorrow morning and while you're stretching, you'll look back on how much fun we had dancing tonight... with all the laughing and good time... you'll smile and say to yourself: 'Going with them was the best decision I made in a loooong time'. You can't loose. You can go and if you don't like it, you can go home immediately"

She gazed at me and had a smile on her face and was about to say something when another girl from the group I talked to before, telling her about covert hypnosis, said out loud: "Are you hypnotizing her?"

It got me a bit out of the blue as I wasn't aware she was eavesdropping and all I could think of to say at the moment was: "I don't know what I'm doing with her..."

But the other girl just tapped me on my shoulder and said: "OK, I'll go with you. I don't have to get up early tomorrow anyway..."

Nice. The plan worked perfectly. I made it up on the spot and went through with it. It worked. I was very pleased with myself :)

So, what was the difference between this conversation and the ones from previous posts?

Here, I was already in rapport with her. I also had her full attention and trust and because of this, I could lead her imagination. I could paint pictures and plant feelings in her mind. With that I could successfully use time distortion to get her to feel great about the decision after she imagined taking it.

She quickly rationalized her new decision to go with us and it was over. Despite the fact that the other girl indirectly told her what just happened, she followed her new decision anyway... because she felt like doing it now!

In the next post, I'll have even more examples of covert hypnosis in action so come back soon!

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CL Scam Buster said...

Very interesting subject and material. You present it in a way that is easy to comprehend. Looking forward to the 4th Example.

Aeris said...
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Aeris said...
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Harvey White said...

That's an intersting post, pity you haven't followed it up with some more of your experiences.

I'm just trying out the conversational hypnosis course and I have posted some similar stuff on my blog.

hypnosis and mind control tricks

Keep posting some more or have you met the woman of your dreams and packed up :) ??

Anonymous said...

I just discovered your convert hypnosis blog and wanted to say good work. Your post are very interesting and easy to read. Too bad we don't have more decent hypnosis blogs out there.

paul said...

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nihad said...

cool , so u've used the future memory technique instantly while speaking in general , and also part of wut u did is using the comila technique in order to motivate her alittle , ur a genius , wut else did u do ?