Saturday, February 14, 2009

Covert hypnosis forum -- join us today!

Dear friend and covert hypnosis student,

  • Are you ready to take your covert hypnosis skills to the next level?
  • Do you finally want to go out and start using the skills in the real world?
  • Want to find some knowledgeable, kind and like-minded people to practice with?
  • Hope to add some incredible techniques in your arsenal?
  • Wand to add some interactivity to your training, ask questions or just get some things off your chest?

If you answered "yes" to one or more of these questions, then I have just the thing for you:

Influence and persuasion forums with a vast COVERT HYPNOSIS board
Behind the scenes, a community of people has been getting together, discussing and refining covert hypnosis and other persuasion tools, leaving behind a huge amount of phenomenal information you can now very quickly gain FREE access to...

Inside you'll find everything from anchoring, embedded commands, pattern interrupts, sample language patterns, secrets of persuasive writing, trance induction, methods to get you actually using covert hypnosis and much, much more.
Since a picture tells more than a thousand words, let me just show you a couple of screen shots:

Over 3700 posts and counting...

A very small fraction of recent topics discussed in the Covert hypnosis board...

Now, in order to read and participate in the covert hypnosis board, you have to register to the forum...

It only takes a few seconds and once you're approved, you'll have full access to an outstanding array of information, experience and simply PURE FUN.

--> You can see the forum here: Covert hypnosis forum

--> You can register for free here: Covert hypnosis forum registration (after registration, you'll be able to see a few more boards and have access to the main covert hypnosis board)

Have fun and talk to you soon.

Take care!


Chris Thompson said...
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Shemale Dude said...

Love the Covert Hypnosis Forums, thanks for the link!