Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Covert Hypnosis Dynamics Examples 2

Hi, in covert hypnosis dynamics examples, I shared with you an example of an improper use of a covert hypnosis technique and the use of the same technique in a slightly better context.

Here I'll share with you another such mistake and explain what went wrong.

Again, this was going on in a night club (yeah, I know... :) ). The night was still relatively young and I was getting pumped up to begin my conquests. The dance floor was slightly lowered and there was a small fence going around it. I decided to dance at the fence, looking down on the dance floor to "pick my targets" (huge mistake to do so, but this is not the subject of this post).

Anyway, after a while, a very cute girl came standing next to me and begun moving to the beats. As we danced for a few moments, I fairly slowly and deliberately looked at her and she, noticing it, looked back. We smiled and continued dancing for a few seconds when I looked at her again. She looked at me back, we smiled and I started to do some dance moves with my hands while looking at her. She smiled even more and begun imitating me.

I knew, I was "in", so I begun the conversation...

Me (making it obvious I knew she was imitating me): "You're a very good dancer! (smile) What's your name?"
We introduced ourselves and she obviously liked me. I did some small talk to the effect of if she's been to this club before and some other stuff.

Then I wanted to test my skills and take things to the next level...

I quickly thought of a pattern and at the next opportunity begun...

Me: "Have you ever immediately felt completely connected with someone? You know when you begin talking to this person and it's like a warm, golden bubble seems to wrap itself around you and this person and you begin to feel really comfortable, relaxed an joyful?"
She (after looking at me strangely and with a slightly disappointed look on her face): "Aha? I have to go now..."

So she left and I was standing there thinking: "Damn, what went wrong here?!"

What did I do wrong?

Again, I didn't set the correct context (maybe "put the words in someone else's mouth" using quotes or do a proper introduction to the pattern...), I didn't calibrate (I didn't notice what part of conversation we were at, I didn't test for responses...). I just blabbered the pattern in hopes of it sticking... Wrong!

Hopefully you're now beginning to understand that covert hypnosis is dynamic. It's not just a bunch of patterns to run on people and it takes a very specific set of actions to induce a proper state to use the techniques. It can all be done very quickly, but you have to know the steps to do it right.

Next time we'll look more closely at these steps, so come back soon.

Take care!

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Wow you've really done your research on Covert Hypnosis, where did you get all you information?