Friday, May 09, 2008

Covert Hypnosis Dynamics Examples

In my previous post, Covert Hypnosis Dynamics, I explained some rules of using covert hypnosis. If you haven't yet read that post, do it now and then come back here because we'll be looking at some specific examples here and I want you to really understand what's going on...

OK, as you now know, there are certain sequences you must follow in order for covert hypnosis to be successfully utilized. Every technique has to be used at a proper time and progression of a conversation. One of such sequences that we described in the previous post goes as follows:

Attention --> Rapport --> Captivation (trance induction) --> Suggestions <--> Calibration

Now let's look at two examples where a legitimate covert hypnosis technique was used, but at an improper point of the conversation:

When I had a lot of knowledge but very little experience with covert hypnosis (back in the days :) ), I was very eager to try out all the neat language patterns and other techniques. For some reason, I thought night clubs were the easiest places to practise my skills (later it turned out that loud music really doesn't help with much of this...). So, when I came to the club, I looked around for suitable targets and quickly spotted a cute girl that was sitting near the dance floor by herself.

I pumped myself up and approached her. Seemingly accidentally and uninterested, I sat besides her and, like her, watched people dancing for a few moments. She was enjoying the music and was slightly moving to the beats. I told myself: "This is it, you can do it!" and I begun the conversation...

Me: "Isn't it funny how music can sometimes evoke those warm and pleasant feelings inside you that just make you happy to be here... with me, that's how it works, how about you?"
Her: "What?"
Me (louder): "Khm... Isn't it funny how music can sometimes evoke those warm and pleasant feelings inside you that just make you happy to be here... with me, that's how it works, how about you?"
Her (a bit confused and after a short silence): "Yeah, it really depends on what drugs you're on, dude." She laughed and left to find her friends.

Obviously I wasn't happy with my result. I was also confused, I mean I even had the tonality and congruence going on! I really felt and expressed those feelings while talking about them. What went wrong?

Here's what: I started with the wrong kind of suggestions at this certain point of conversation. I didn't build any rapport and I didn't captivate her even a bit. All I did was get some partial attention. Another problem was the context. I didn't set the correct frame for this kind of conversation. And since this was a night club, she interpreted it as me being drunk or on drugs instead of really experiencing what I was talking about.

Later that night I got myself to try that line again on another girl. This time I sat near her and started moving in a similar way as she was. Very soon she noticed that, looked at me and smiled. I smiled back and we did some funny moves together. I then leaned towards her and said the same thing as before. She agreed with me, smiled and we had a pleasant short conversation and she was seemingly attracted and was touching me a lot. Unfortunately her friend came and demanded she goes dance with her. She just said: "See you later" and went. She was looking at me a lot during dancing, but I didn't follow up...

Anyway, this interaction was better than the previous one because I established some rapport at first (notice how quickly you can do this -- a few looks, some dance moves and you're already in some rapport). Also, since we both enjoyed the music and expressed it with moving to the beats and with smiling, the frame was right to do that particular pattern.

OK, in the next post I'll share the next bad example of going for the wrong suggestions at the improper point of conversation...


Bill Alexander said...

Woah, well, I am impressed that you put forth the effort. Even though you didn't get the exact results you wanted from the pattern you learned something that you can gain power through knowledge to possibly get your outcome next time.

I have definitely been there before bro, I have used patterns and had HUGE success and I have used patterns and failed miserably.

The times I have noticed the patterns working the best is when I use it in context of what is going on.

So if you are both dancing and having a good time I would do a pattern on dancing. I would get her to talk about dancing, based on the trance words she gives you create a pattern on that.

"You know what it's like when you are dancing with someone, and you are so into the music, and this person you are dancing with that you just go into a place inside where the rest of the room just disappears?"

Covert Hypnosis said...

Excellent comment, bill!

You brought up two extremely important concepts:

1.) Every "No" is a step closer to "Yes". In other words, "There's no failure, just feed-back" -- Failure is when you quit and don't try again.

2.) Context. As every great covert hypnotist should, you consider the context and weave it in your patterns. I'll have more on context in later posts.

Thanks for your comment.

Turtle said...

" "There's no failure, just feed-back" -- Failure is when you quit " ... So there is failure? hehe

It's good I like it very much. The techniques are quite hard to use and take good practice and awareness. I find this all very interesting.

Covert Hypnosis said...

Yes, Turtle... there is failure :)

But only if you quit. Before that there isn't any!

These techniques, like any other, take time to master but the investment of time and energy is extremely rewarding.

Welcome to the world of covert hypnosis!

Take care.

Shemale Dude said...

Love this:

"1.) Every "No" is a step closer to "Yes". In other words, "There's no failure, just feed-back" -- Failure is when you quit and don't try again."

So True!

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