Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Covert hypnosis and deceit (a different view)

If you ever thought anybody you know might be sometimes or even always telling you lies then this is probably one of the most important things you'll read in a long time...

Dear friend,

it may be a shock when you realize this simple truth: people are, strictly looking, basically lying and deceiving machines!

The research has shown that you, me, and everybody tells at least one lie in almost EVERY conversation.

Lets face it. We all want to go through a day as easily as possible (or at least we think we do! *read on...). And in every interaction this basic need is challenged with people asking us potential questions that could lead to unwanted or sometimes even painful explanations.

So... we quickly make up something to satisfy our listener and make them stop "probing" us. An alternative would be to say "I don't want to talk about it", but that could also provoke further questions, so we just say "I'm great today, you?".

Now, such lies (or deceptions) are many times OK and are regarded as "white lies". It's the same with the "Honey, how do I look in this new dress?" type of questions. Many times we just want to avoid a difficult moment and don't want to hurt her feelings and we just say: "Wow, you look great!" (even though we think she should really loose a couple of pounds to have this really look good on her...).

Sadly, these kinds of lies aren't the only ones we're exposed to daily. Children lie to their parents about going to school, not drinking and smoking, employees lie to their bosses and vice verse, patients lie to their doctors, partners lie to each other about where they've been and what was going on there, salesmen frequently lie to get the sale, and so on...

Now, these kinds of lies can have much more severe consequences and can be damaging to both parties involved.

And you know what?

Another study showed that people usually detect only 56% of lies they're exposed to. And that's when they don't really trust the person they're talking to...

What does all this have to do with covert hypnosis?

Everything! As an effective persuader you have to constantly monitor the responses of your prospects to see if your technique is having any effect at all. It turns out that people usually don't want to offend you and act as if they're responding to you -- ESPECIALLY in a sales/seduction situation when they somewhat EXPECT to be sold to.

So, you might think you have them completely absorbed, completely responding to all your techniques and when you give them the contract to read at home and sign, or you get her number and are excited to call her the next day, in reality you never see those people again.

If only you'd know that what their body language was telling you all the time was: "This isn't working... I'm just polite... TRY SOMETHING ELSE SOON or I'm gone for good!".

Get it?

By now you probably realized how important (and useful) it is to detect if somebody is deceiving you or not...

Not too long ago, I was searching for some reference on how to detect if someone is lying to you. Now, I already knew a lot on the subject because of my interest and exposure to NLP, hypnosis and body language...

After searching a while, I got myself an ebook based on what the author was promising me. I was a bit sceptical about the quality because there's so much junk out there (even if you pay for it, not to mention the free stuff).

But after the first glance of the ebook I was literally stunned. The author (Simon Cruise) really created a masterpiece. After reading just a few chapters I was so excited that I wrote Simon the following email:

Hi Simon,

I just wanted you to know that my first impression of your ebook was right on. I studied body language and persuasion for a few years now and I thought I knew everything. Well, I was wrong. Your ebook is very well organized, the ideas are presented in a clear and easy-to-understand way.

It shows that you've done a great deal of studying and thought, as well as practice with the material and you managed to brilliantly present it all in this wonderful ebook. I haven't even finished reading and I was so excited that I had to write you this. I can't believe the stupid lies I fell for in the past.

I wish I had your ebook then as my life would be a lot easier. Thank you again for your work.


Blaz Banic


Now, after my friend also read the ebook and confirmed that it's top of the line, I decided to post about it on my blog.

The title of the ebook is "Detect deceit" and you can see more information about it here:

>> Detect deceit by Simon Cruise (link will open in a new window)

But wait, there's more...

I liked Simon's ebook so much that I decided to give you a special bonus if you decide to purchase it through the links I presented on this post.

It's a wonderful audio ebook titled: "Command and master your emotions". It's worth $45 and I'll give it to you for free if you act now and purchase the Detect deceit ebook through my links...

Here's how you can get this excellent deal:

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