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How to detect hypnosis

This is a great question... how to detect hypnosis being used on you?

The nature of covert hypnosis is that it's very subtle -- undetectable to a person not familiar with such techniques and methods. And even someone "fluent" in covert hypnosis will, due to lack of constantly analyzing the situation, frequently be effectively "hypnotized" into thinking and doing something.

Like the name suggests, covert hypnosis is hard to detect, but there are some things you can do to not frequently "falling victim" to it:

  • Get familiar with the techniques
  • Use your analytical mind more often

The purpose of covert hypnosis is to shut down or at least severely reduce the use of analytical mind in a person. This can actually be achieved fairly quickly.

What are the signs you're not using analytical mind in a certain situation:

  • You're completely absorbed in a conversation
  • Inside your mind you vividly follow along with what someone is saying
  • You take in information without questioning it's origin and validity
  • You strongly respond to emotionally descriptive language (language patterns)
  • And more

Now... this doesn't mean that from now on you shouldn't be absorbed in conversation or any of the things above. What's also very important in detecting if someone is using covert hypnosis on you is the CONTEXT.

If you're a woman and a stranger starts talking to you and he's using strongly descriptive language and uses the words "attraction", "wonderful feeling of connection", "warm inside", "open your mind" and such, he's probably using covert hypnosis on you.

If you're buying a car and the sales person starts describing how he enjoys driving in this car and what "a friend told him when he was cruising around in his new car and could vividly imagine other people watching him and he felt that feeling...", he's using covert hypnosis on you.

It's also important to mention that all the people use certain amount of covert hypnosis in their conversation. Some, more successful ones, use it more and some less.

Television is also an excellent way top deliver hypnotic messages. Because of the nature of watching television (we set our conscious mind to rest), it's easy to slide some suggestions in. Just watch some infomercials. Also notice how they're cleverly aired at times people are most likely to be super suggestible (at night...).

So, there's no surefire way to protect yourself from hypnosis 100% of the time, but you can do a lot about it. For example, you can educate yourself in this wonderful field. A great way to start is to subscribe to one of the best free newsletters on the topic of covert hypnosis:

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Kevin Hogan said...

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Kevin Hogan

Covert Hypnosis said...


thank you very much! Like I said before, it means so much coming from you.

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I'm already using such stories with great success and try to think of (or better, remember) a new one every day. What I should do, though, is write them down somewhere (or at least their intended use and how to achieve it).

Going through your courses for me is like a child being "unleashed" in his favorite "toy land" with candy laying everywhere.

What I like about them the most is your way of clearly presenting information and complete lack of B.S. that (most) other courses are unfortunately full of.

Again, thank you very much for your comments. It's an honor for me that you take the time to read my blog.

Have a great time!

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Joe said...

It's a very interesting article! Hope to share with you. Feel free to email me at

Krystle said...

This seems like a written transcript of the video on youtube titled "Detect Covert Hypnosis". Are you the same author?