Thursday, May 04, 2006

How does covert hypnosis work?

A nice little question I get asked a lot: "How does covert hypnosis work?"

A short answer would be: covert hypnosis works by intentionally communicating directly to the subconscious part of our mind. As you probably know, our brain has a "dual" nature. Now this is a very broad interpretation as our brain actually consists of several distinctive regions, only one of them being directly under our conscious control and a part of our conscious mind!

For the sake of this article I'll simply (and very superficially!) say that our brain works on two levels:
  • conscious
  • unconscious (or subconscious)

The first is our conscious mind -- the mind we think with, talk with, calculate with, MAKE DECISIONS WITH etc. This part of our mind can only handle 5 to 9 separate tasks at any given time and is very dependent of the second, evolutionary speaking much older unconscious or subconscious part (to which we "speak" when using covert hypnosis)...

Even though the conscious mind is the one that makes decisions and we think is in control, in reality it constantly consults the subconscious mind for opinions...

The subconscious mind is where the long-term memory, values and habits are stored (among some other things). This part of the brain is a very complex "stimulus-response" mechanism and also the "supercomputer processor". It's processing powers are incredible (many million times better than any supercomputer ever built!). It can easily handle several million tasks at any given time (processes several million bits of information per second).

What we see, hear, smell, feel and taste are mere interpretations -- processed information for our conscious mind to handle...

The subconscious mind doesn't "think". It reacts...

It reacts on "commands" given by the conscious mind. It cannot speak, but it constantly communicates back and forth with the conscious mind. The subconscious mainly communicates with pictures and FEELINGS. When I ask you: "Wanna go for an ice cream?", you quickly consult your subconscious mind about what's your "position" on this. It then responds with a feeling -- good or bad, depending on which you then make a decision: yes or no...

Only AFTER you've made a decision you then consciously try to logically interpret it. Some times it's a legitimate reason, but many times it's a very bogus "rationalisation" -- which at the time "sounds" good, but if you were to really analyze it you'd understand it has no real foundation.

So, to come back to the question about covert hypnosis...

Covert hypnosis simply uses techniques borrowed from "regular" hypnosis to communicate directly to the subconscious portion of the mind that in turn convinces the conscious mind to make a decision we wanted a person to make.

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Thank you for reading, I'll post more on this wonderful subject soon. Peace and make sure that from now on you'll start communicating with people by using covert hypnosis.

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