Thursday, May 11, 2006

Covert hypnosis forum

Recently I've created a covert hypnosis forum. Actually it's a more general "influence and persuasion" forum and it has a "Covert hypnosis board" in it. You're very welcome to visit it and to become a member. It will grow pretty soon and will become a great covert hypnosis, influence and persuasion resource.

You are also very welcome to post your questions, experiences and stories there. We'll all be very glad to read and learn from them.

I'll also get some foremost influence, persuasion and coovert hypnosis experts to register and contribute. It will soon be not only extremly educational, but also a fun and entertaining expert resource on covert hypnosis.

This was my post for today. Be sure to register as a member by visiting it now.

Have a great day.

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