Monday, April 03, 2006

Can you stop someone from using covert hypnosis on you

Now this is a question I've been asked a few times and I wanted to explain it to everyone. You see, covert hypnosis is just that... covert. If done correctly, you won't even know what hit you :-)

So, can you stop someone from using covert hypnosis on you? Short answer... yes if you are aware that the person is using it on you. If you notice it, it's actually very easy to resist. But the problem is that a real master of covert hypnosis won't give himself/herself away very easily! As far as you're concerned, you two are having a normal, everyday conversation. But the imprint the person is going to leave on your subconscious differs greatly from a normal conversation... at least if you consider his intention of doing so. Let me explain...

In a normal conversation a person might convince you of something any time. It happens every day to everyone. But to do it with intent and with a predictable outcome is a very different story. Someone "fluent" in covert hypnosis will do so with ease and almost every time. There are many, many techniques of subtle unconscious influence.

Covert hypnosis, like any other hypnosis is permission based. One cannot make anyone else do anything. The main point of covert hypnosis is to communicate in such a way so that the person you're communicating with accepts subtle suggestions. These can be given in a vast variety of ways, from very blatant "embedded commands" (note: these are still undetected by the listener's conscious mind!) to very subtle symbolic suggestions.

For example, consider someone saying: "I got a B on an exam and after telling it to my parents they just shrug their shoulders and said what went wrong this time and if I couldn't study a little bit more and get another A. I really don't like my parent's attitude". If they used congruent body language and voice tone, you could just have been subconsciously convinced that he or she is an excellent student! There was a covert message woven in what this person said... "I'm a great student". Do you see the power in this? If he or she just said: "I'm a great student", he or she would be considered arrogant and you would very likely disregard this information for further use.

So, you see now that it's very hard to stop someone from using covert hypnosis on you if he or she is a real master at it. But as long as you're aware that there's a potential of it being used on you by someone and you look out for certain clues, then it's very easily resisted and used for that matter.

Have a great day!

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