Tuesday, December 27, 2005

What Nathan Blaszak never told you

Hello, a few days ago I discovered something I never thought was possible...

Regarding Nathan Blaszak -- "author" of How To Hypnotize Anyone Without Getting Caught. I compared his "book" with Kevin Hogan's original Covert Hypnosis and found that there is a lot of material that Nathan Blaszak appears to have taken almost word for word., from the work of an outstanding speaker, public performer, therapist, persuasion master and my friend -- Kevin Hogan, Psy.D.

I wish I would've spotted this earlier, and I did notice similarities, but I simply thought that they've both come to the same conclusions doing their research. I got fooled. There was never a question in my mind.

Here's the catch...

However, in order for his product not to apear too similar, Nathan Blaszak mistakingly left out some key elements to really master the art of covert hypnosis. No wonder I could perfectly understand all the techniques only after listening to Kevin's "Covert Hypnosis Audio Course".

Anyway, I just thought you should know this so you won't throw your money away for some rip-off product. If you are really interested in influencing others and want to get good at covert hypnosis fast, I really suggest you take a look at this original course (click on the image!):

Covert Hypnosis: Advanced Course in Subtle Unconscious Communication CD Set
Covert Hypnosis: Advanced Course in Subtle Unconscious Communication -- 8 CD Set!
I loved it and I certainly think you will too. It's so much fun when someone who knows what he's doing explains something to you in such detail.
Have fun, talk to you soon.