Thursday, November 03, 2005

Sparking curiosity is a great trance inducer

Hello covert hypnosis lover,

here I'll talk about a great trance inducing technique: sparking curiosity.

Have you ever been very curious? I mean when someone was about to tell you something you really wanted to know. And he/she was just about to say it. He/she would look over their shoulder and hint you to follow them somewhere more discrete. You were dying of curiosity. Notice what that feeling is like. Can you think of anything else but what the stuff might be? That's right, you are in a trance right there and then. Completely focused.

That's what you can do to your prospects deliberately. It's a simple procedure:
  • throw them a "hook" and let them bite in (e.g. "let me tell you a little secret about him/her")
  • stall and seemlessly put your commands in their mind
  • tell your "secret"

That's it. You've just put some commands in your prospect's mind. The degree to which this works depends on how curious they are.


Do you want to know the one word that will practically make someone do whatever you ask of them? Its a word that was embedded deeply into our psyche when we were kids. Because of that our mind, when it hears it, simply get's a great desire to do what is asked of us. It's a great psychological trick and it actually works in over 85% of cases (ofcourse depending on what you ask of people).

It's a funny story how I got to know about this powerful secret you're about to learn and how I put it to practise. I was reading this great book on covert hypnosis and listened to the course that comes with it that I think you should get, if you didn't already. The author was talking about this word. It's actually just a very small part of a variety of very powerful techniques he discusses in that book. Anyway, I thought it was a nice trick and forgot about it later. Then one day, I wanted my brother to do something for me. He never ever before wanted to do that, especially not as a favour to me. It involved about an hour of his time and ofcourse there wasn't a thing that was stoping me from doing it (you probably know that brotherly spirit :)

I was simply lazy and wanted him to do the job for me (as countless times before). Then I thought of this ebook I've been reading and of this word the author was talking about. I quickly went to my room and sat behind my computer. Principles of persuasion.... psychological devices... captivation... triggers... AHA, there it was. I read agan exactly how to use it and went to see my brother, now armed with this exellent knowledge.

I asked him and used the "magic word". I couldn't believe it. He was a bit grumpy about it, but he went and did it. Whoa, I said. That was the first time I was able to convince him to do that. Thank you, the great book of knowledge. Needless to say, I use this word as well as other techniques explained often now.

The word I mentioned to my brother was very simple: "because". It's amazing how well this little word works. You see, our brain constantly looks for explanations. If it doesn't find it, it starts to produce it's own. And in the case of my brother it was: "my brother is asking this of me because he is lazy. No, I won't do it". But when I fed his brain with some bogus explanation using the word because, his brain was satisfied and saw no reason why not do it.

This word also holds some other useful anchoring from the past, making it even more irresistable. You see, it was your mom's word to make you do things when you were a child.

YOU: "Can I have this toy?"

MOM: "No"

YOU: "Why not?"

MOM: "Because I said so"

YOU: "But I really want it, why not"

MOM: "Because!"

YOU : silent

You see. It's just an example I thought of just now. There are better ones too, but just to illustrate it for you. Now go and use this word as often as you can. It really works and you don't even have to make sense with your explanation following because.

Well, go get the book I'm talking about in my previous post. It's top of the line and I guarantee you will become a persuasive machine after reading it, not to mention all the benefits you'll get out of actually hearing how it works -- Yes! You get 8 (eight!) audio CDs with it. I think that if you act now, you get a special price (much lower than you think ;) ).

Click here to see what I mean while it's still fresh in your mind.

Of course, also stop by this blog often :)

Have a great time!

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