Friday, June 11, 2010

Covert hypnosis is easy... once you get the handle of it

I read an interesting post in my covert hypnosis forum the other and I thought I'd share it with you.

It's about covert hypnosis being pretty simple.

Well, it is, but as it goes with any technique, it's necessary to internalize it first.

Here's an interesting post from one of my favorite members of the forum...

[begin post]

The most significant secret to covert hypnosis is just listening. If you can hear how a person is representing something in their mind, you can easily communicate inside that model.

The real secrets are extremely simple, and the techniques that work best are very basic.

However, many of those simple things seem complex when you don't really understand them.

Getting into rapport, for instance, is quite easy to do when you understand how, but many neophytes make it a very complex process. Realizing the simplicity is a very powerful understanding, but it's like Bruce Lee's teachings on throwing a punch. He discussed, for a long time, a very detailed description of punching, but later said that you just throw a punch, however, he acknowledged that he could only just throw the punch because of the complex understandings he had developed previously.

You learn the theory, in a sense, so you can then forget it, but both parts of the journey are necessary in order to realize the simplicity at the core.

[end post]

I think it's very important to learn the theory but it's equally as important to go in the real world and use covert hypnosis. Theory is one thing but practise is something else. There's only so much words can tell. Experience makes the whole thing effortless.

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So, no more excuses. Go out there and practise covert hypnosis!

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