Sunday, November 11, 2007

Covert hypnosis and NLP anchoring

Anchoring different states is one of the most powerful tools we use in covert hypnosis.

Although it's really very easy, some people find it very difficult to elicit states they want to anchor. A while back, two of my friends and I made a sort of an educational/practise call where we talked for four hours about many different topics, among them was anchoring and states elicitation. My friend Nathan from Keys to the mind managed to record an awesome 15 minutes part of our conversation where I started out to explain an extremely easy way to elicit certain states in people that you can then anchor.

We proceeded to talk about some different aspects of anchoring, some troubleshooting issues and so on. It's a very powerful recording and I have decided to share it on my blog.

The third person you'll hear in the recording is my dear friend Will that goes on my Influence and persuasion forums by the name of Lazarus_black. He's an awesome covert hypnosis master and a great teacher. You'll hear him give some pretty amazing advice, so get yourself your favorite beverage, get a pen and a paper, seat back, relax and enjoy listening to the following 15 minute session on states elicitation and anchoring...

Continue reading after you finished listening...
Do you now have a better sense of how to easily elicit and anchor certain states. How else could you use this?
What you heard me do at the beginning is a very overt way of eliciting states, but it works like a charm in many contexts and it's a great way to practise your anchoring skills on your friends and in everyday conversations. Of course in business you'll probably use some more covert ways of eliciting states and we'll talk about those somewhere in the future.
Now as you find covert hypnosis more and more fascinating, go out there and start practising!
Please leave your comments and thoughts, take care.


Nathan said...

Great Blaz!
To everyone else who heard it, it was quite something, we went on for over 4 hours, and after Blaz had to leave Will and i stayed on for another couple.
There should be another one coming up fairly soonish (schedules allowing) so look out for it!
Also if you want to be in on it live with these covert hypnosis masters (no joke, these guys are awesome!) join blaz's forum!

Ram said...

I dated someone recently who used these anchoring techniques to the letter. I had no idea what was happening at the time but had an uneasy feeling that I was being manipulated. I literally blew a gasket and fell into a deep funk, which I mistook for infatuation. I suspect it was the aftermath of the covert anchoring. Knowing what was being deployed has really opened my eyes. Powerful stuff. Fortunately, I'm an objective guy and see this as a wonderful opportunity rather than a regrettable event

Josh Houghton said...

I recently found your blog and just wanted to say what a great resource. I'm really enjoying what I read here. Please keep it up.


Don Adams said...

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Don Adams

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