Saturday, August 11, 2007

Covert hypnosis and time distortion

As you might know, time distortion is one of the most powerful covert hypnosis techniques. You probably used it many times and never knew you were actually using a powerful covert persuasion tool!

In the context of covert hypnosis, time distortion (a more appropriate term would be future pacing) means something different from the term used in hypnosis. In both cases we deal with subjective experience of time, but in different frames...

Read my recent article about this fascinating covert hypnosis tool here: Covert hypnosis and time distortion.



faery420 said...

In the opening you used the time distortion technique to get the reader to read your blog.
I doubt alot of readers would've noticed this in your "Covert Hypnosis" blog, but i think it's funny that you wrote it that way, in that if people had the opinion that the technique wouldn't work. Because the technique had worked on them =).

Michael said...

When you are done reading this comment you will think back and realize, "yeah, he's right."
In your example where you are trying to get the guy to read the instructions, I personally would not say "It will take your valuable time." Having something taken away is usually unwanted, and a better phrase would emphasize the minimal time investment. So spin it in a positive way, "it will be time well spent."
Also 'and's are much more effective than 'but's because they prevent confusion and keep your statements focused on one idea. Avoid using 'but's as they tend to cloud a statement with double meanings. e.g. "I'll go downtown, but I hate the pollution." Is often interpreted as "I hate downtown and the pollution."
Nice overall post.
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Nathan said...

I like the phrase "it will take you valuable time", as it both gains rapport and paces the "if only's" of the situation.
So people read that and think, yes my time is valuable, how nice he is to acknowledge that, i had better not waste anymore of my valuable time going through life without that, i will read it now"
It seems that you are going through the post looking for negatives, i believe that this will bring you only misery
nice overall comment though

MarketingPro said...

I see your books made it on as the only 2 books of reference.

Jon said...

Einstein when explaining the theory of relativity said that a minute sat on a hot stove can seem like an eternity, whereas a minute talking to a pretty lady can seem like the blinking of an eye.

Covert Hypnosis said...

Guys, great comments!

Faery420: exactly ;) Good observation.

Marketingpro: I don't have any books out yet. I think you confused me with Kevin Hogan.

Michael: In every situation CONTEXT should be considered. In general I agree with your comment...

But... certain words used in certain contexts and in special places produce the effect of "wanting to read more", they evoke that sense of curiosity and desire to read through. The "buts" instead of "ands" were used strategically (like in this paragraph).

And to make things clear, the word "and" is also extremely powerful to produce the same effect, only in a slightly different context.

Nathan: as always... you're right on!

Thanks again for the comments.

Guitario Telestrasina said...

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raymond said...

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Nitin said...

I think pacing is something that needs practice and patience but its one of the most important aspects of conversational hypnosis. I think faery rightly pointed out the start off the article, most people won't get what you have just done there.

Dr. Larry Deutsch said...

Hypnosis describes a natural state that we all experience daily. This kind of everyday hypnosis can take the form of being absorbed in work, a book or movie or in activities such as driving, playing a game or daydreaming. The sense of being in the zone that many athletes and artists speak about, also comes under the umbrella of everyday hypnosis.