Sunday, October 22, 2006

Covert hypnosis in action!

If you ever wanted to learn covert hypnosis and persuasion, then this is one of the most important letters you'll ever read.

Why do some people get everything they want and others simply can't?
Simple... the first ones use a certain style of communication that's really appealing and moves other people to ACT in certain direction...
Lets face it, people generally don't want change. They don't want to work if it's not really necessary.
But the most successful people got to be such mostly because of OTHER people that did what those successful people wanted them to.
Think about it for a moment... Who elects you to be a president? Who gives you a raise? Who decides to hire YOU and not someone else? Who gives you a permit to build a house somewhere? Who decides to buy from you?
The answer is always... Other people. In all of those cases you have to somehow convince others to do what you'd like them to.
And that's just for starters...
You have to convince the person you like to spend more time with you and to eventually have children with you.
Sadly, most people can't effectively communicate with people and get a favorable response from them. It's not that hard to do once you know how, but people just seem to forget to LEARN.
Listen closely... There are only two ways of communication: effective and ineffective. The first gets you results and the second doesn't. Where do you fit in most of the time?
Good news!
You're about to discover how you can quickly and effectively learn the secrets of effective communication. You're about to learn covert hypnosis...
Introducing: Covert hypnosis audio newsletter
Yes, in just a few minutes you'll receive your first lesson. All you have to do is enter your name and primary email address in the form below and click on the "Send me the newsletter!" button.
Inside you'll learn:
Lesson 1:
  • 5 basic steps to make covert hypnosis work
  • The ideal state of mind to have when learning and applying covert hypnosis
  • What to look out for when learning these skills
  • What to do before you intend to deliver a persuasive message
  • 2 fun and relaxing exercises that will help you overcome your fear and install the perfect state of mind to bring out the persuasive traits you're hiding inside...

Lesson 2:

  • How to get your prospect's attention
  • What kinds of "openers" work best (you'll get a special formula to create your own openers rather than get some canned "lines" to use!)
  • What to do next
  • When and how to introduce yourself to create a maximum impact
  • How to get initial attention from a group of people
  • A really good and tested "group icebreaker" (you've got to hear this :-) )
  • A fun exercise to get rid of fear of approaching people
  • A great exercise to help you get what you want in life

Lesson 3:

  • The basics of building rapport with people (= how to get them to be much more responsive to you!)
  • 2 specific basic techniques to building rapport
  • 7 advanced techniques to get people to respond to you even better so that you can easily get them to agree with you instantly
  • 6 of my very own powerful techniques to getting people to instantly like me and to agree with what I suggest (taught nowhere else!)
  • I get really specific in this lesson. Even if you're an expert you'll probably learn something new here. If you're not sure what rapport is, then this is definitely a must-hear. It's exactly what makes YOU respond to certain people more than to others. Did you ever wonder why you agree with and believe certain people more than others -- even if you've never seen them before this very interaction? (it's definitely NOT what you think...)

Lesson 4:

  • What is a trance?
  • How to easily drop a person in a trance state so that they follow your every word and respond to every suggestion you throw at them
  • much, much more...

Lesson 5:

(Due to the nature of the information, the description of this lesson is hidden!)

Lesson 6:

(Due to the nature of the information, the description of this lesson is hidden!)

You'll get all the above and much, much more in this exclusive Audio newsletter. I'll also periodically send you my honest reviews of products related to covert hypnosis and persuasion with special bonuses and more...

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To your success in covert hypnosis!

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