Friday, October 07, 2005

Undestanding trance states part II

Please, first read the previous post (Understanding trance states).

In covert hypnosis we use many strategies to change someone's mind, but the basics of all of them can be narrowed down to just three main outcomes that we want to achieve:

1. Establish rapport
2. Captivate the whole mind
3. Clearly commanding the subconscious mind without the conscious ever being aware of such commands

Establishing rapport will be discussed in a later post. Here we'll focus on captivating the whole mind, i.e. putting our prospect in a trance like state so they will be increasingly susceptible to our suggestions. Keep in mind that in contrast to conventional hypnosis, in covert hypnosis we usually use indirect commands, but when using direct commands, we do it in such a way so that the conscious mind doesn't perceive them as such.

Captivating the whole mind means talking to and involving the both hemispheres at once. We can achieve that by:

1. Telling a story (read an interesting article about this here: Kevin Hogan review -- it's a review of an advanced course on covert hypnosis)
2. Using special language patterns

Left hemisphere is the logical, thinking one and communicates with language. It thinks linearly and needs a sense of ongoing time or it gets confused and bored very soon. It likes facts. The right hemisphere is non linear and although it understands language, it communicates with pictures, "intuition" and emotions. It likes descriptions and lights up when using paralanguage (paralanguage describes the non-verbal elements of communication, often used - consciously or unconsciously - to convey emotion. This may include gestures, facial expressions, pitch, volume and intonation. Sometimes the definition is restricted to vocally-produced sounds. In email and chatroom settings, these paralinguistic elements may be displayed by emoticons, font and color choices, use of uppercase, or by other means -

So, to captivate a person, you need to light up both hemispheres and then you can start to lead their thoughts and emotions wherever you wish.

For a great explanation of what we just discussed, I also suggest reading:

Until the next time, have fun.

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