Thursday, October 20, 2005

Is using covert hypnosis moral?

Hi, many people think that using such powerful tool as covert hypnosis isn't moral. Now let me ask you a question:

Have you ever acted nicer towards someone in order to persuade them to do your bidding? Is that moal?

Another question:

Is creating intense feelings of comfort, pleasure and friendship immoral? Well, the answer to this question can be yes - if you do it solely to get something and then abandon that person, letting them feel bad and used. But I'm not teaching this to such people.

You must always use covert hypnosis to do good. To make this world a better place. Use it in a way that will leave people feeling better about themselves.

It's true that once you do the first steps correctly there's almost nothing your prospect won't do for you. But you must realize that the whole thing works because you put those warm feelings about you in their mind and their actions are a natural consequence of that. Never abuse it!!!! Covert hypnosis will make you a powerful and persuasive communicator, which gives you, who holds such amazing powers, certain responsibilities.

Make covert hypnosis a blessing for all humanity, not just those who happened to be lucky enough to learn it. You'll find that as you progress to a proficient level of this secret ancient knowledge that all communication becomes effortless. There's no sense of using it for bad.

So the bottom line is: if covert hypnosis is immoral, then all the other persuasion techniques are immoral too. Sucking up to someone in order to get something from them is then as immoral as powerfully comunicating your wishes (=demands) to them using covert hypnosis. The end result is not always the same though, as with sucking up you don't succeed most of the time :)

Anyway, use the knowledge with care and always with the end result in mind. Make it as good for both sides as possible.

Have fun using covert hypnosis.

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