Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Covert Hypnosis And Resistance

Let's talk about resistance to covert hypnosis. Most people either make the mistake of bragging about knowing covert hypnosis and get the people to always have their guards up while talking with them, some are afraid that people will catch them and resist their attempts, yet others seem so unnatural with their techniques that people naturally resist them.

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So, as I said before many times, covert hypnosis is a natural way of powerful communication. When done correctly, nobody will resist you because it is covert and thus people won't notice you using the techniques.

Of course, when starting out, one always makes mistakes but that's OK.

When people know you're studying covert hypnosis, you already have a huge advantage... There's a preconceived notion in the general population of what hypnosis is! Everybody expects to either fall asleep or become completely zombie-like when you use it on them.

Most people saw a stage hypnosis show or saw a movie about hypnosis and what they expect is for you to talk in a certain voice or jerk their hands really quickly or make them stare at the light and so on...

Well, you know that covert hypnosis isn't about that and herein lies your advantage.

So, when you notice resistance from people, first think what category they fall into:

1.) Did you tell them you're studying covert hypnosis?
2.) Do you know them for a very long time and now you've suddenly drastically changed your style of communication?
3.) Are you amping their feelings to much?
4.) Are you sure they're resisting you?

Ad 1.) If you told them about your studying covert hypnosis, there's a fairly good chance they're suspicious and therefore automatically resist your suggestions. What you should do is deepen rapport and begin only using the most covert methods (state shifts, embedded commands, nested loops, covert anchors, indirect suggestions...) until you notice they are responding really well to you again.

What I like to do is set up a trance induction spatial anchor (got this one from Tom Vizzini). When they are in that state, you can bring yourself into a trance and then begin shifting your state and they will follow ;)

What also works well is to talk about it. Say something like this: "You know that covert hypnosis stuff that I study now? Well, I read something really interesting the other day and they were talking about how people make decisions. They said that many people see the thing that they like and want it immediately. Those are the very visual types. Then others see the thing and only after saying to themselves: 'Wow, this is beautiful,' do they really feel that they want it. Those are predominantly auditory people. Yet the third type of people have to actually pick the object up and only then they begin to feel like they want it. Those are predominantly kinesthetic people. I noticed that I'm (tell them how you make decisions). What about you?"

Now make sure you remember and anchor their decision making pattern! ;)

Ad 2.) People that know you all your life are the most likely people to notice something different and tease you about it. Get more covert and you can use similar pattern as above, only substitute the "I was reading about covert hypnosis" part with "I was reading about the human psychology" or something similar.

Ad 3.) Many covert hypnosis students initially make the mistake of amping the positive feeling up too much. This confuses people and it doesn't seem natural to them so they will usually resist you! Make sure you amp the feelings up just right for the context you're currently in!

Ad 4.) Most of the times it happens that the people aren't very used to powerful and persuasive communication like covert hypnosis. So at first they might seem a bit reluctant to listen on but what they really feel inside is "WOW, this guy/girl is REALLY good!" They usually fall into a deep waking trance and into your "spell" ;)

Hope this clears up some things about resistance to covert hypnosis. And remember... you WON'T GET CAUGHT unless you told them what you're doing... and even then you can always say... "OK, let's forget about hypnosis for a minute and tell me this..."


Selfesteemguru said...

The point, as you said, is that we can be an active player as regards our health, and even if things go wrong we can always do something.

Covert Hypnosis said...

Very true. Not many people practice this, unfortunately.