Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Covert hypnosis and self esteem

I noticed that when learning covert hypnosis, very few students immediately begin using the skills (which is VERY important)...

Almost invariably there are three main problems that keep them from using covert hypnosis:

1.) Fear of getting caught
2.) Wanting to have perfect understanding of each and every technique developed to date before going out there
3.) Not thinking they deserve to use powerful techniques to get people to do things for them

Most of the times these are unconscious reactions. This means that people usually don't even realize they have a problem before I ask them directly why aren't they using the techniques every day with everybody.

After some deliberation, I noticed that all three of the above problems boil down to only one thing...


Think about this... Would a person with high self esteem ever even think of the possibility of getting caught? After all, these techniques are covert and very easy to use... why would a high self esteem person get to the idea that anything could possibly go wrong?

And even if it did... they know they'd get out of it easily.

Second, high self esteem person would learn a technique and if it could benefit him or her in any way, he'd start using it immediately. There would be no need to get a perfect understanding from experiences of other people... they'd want to test it for themselves immediately.

And obviously, high self esteem person would always know that he or she is entitled to only THE BEST of everything... the best service, the best partner, the best experiences... And if they could ethically get them all (which is only possible with persuasion), they wouldn't think for a second before using covert hypnosis in communication...

After all, we influence each other all the time. Why not do it effectively? When we don't hurt other people in the process, it's almost stupid of us not to!

If YOU are having any of the problems listed above, then I have a perfect solution for you...

While researching subliminal perception, I stumbled upon some amazing research... Some clever scientists came up with a way to very quickly raise people's self esteem with exposure to visual subliminal messages. The results were phenomenal...

So I decided to create a subliminal video for myself to test the research...


Over the next few days, I noticed sensational changes in my behavior and responses...

After that, I regularly watched the video and also gave it to some of my friends... They ALL experienced similar results. Finally my friends told me that I should share this with the whole world.

And thus was born.

If you want to excel in covert hypnosis very soon, then I suggest you get the video now:

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