Sunday, September 03, 2006

Covert hypnosis using confusion

The short clip below will show you how our minds are very easily distracted. Just watch the clip...

I was really impressed by this clip and am pretty sure I can do something similar. I will try it and get back with results soon.

I'm pretty sure that Derren Brown (the guy that does the trick) has an eye for very suggestible people and chose the most likely candidate to go along with it. Covert hypnosis can be used to influence the mind in many different ways (read all the posts on this blog and write your comments!) and you've just witnessed a great example of how quickly you can bring a person into a trance and influence him or her.

In fact, many times you don't even have to put a person into a trance to successfully use covert hypnosis on them Get the "Advanced covert hypnosis course" by Kevin Hogan for more staggering techniques to covertly hypnotize a person or a group of people to do what you want...

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