Sunday, June 11, 2006

Imagination and covert hypnosis

Hi, today I'm gonna talk about how to use covert hypnosis to influence someones imagination -- this in fact is the corner stone of covert hypnosis and influence in general...

Before a person does something, he or she MUST first "see" it inside their head and FEEL a positive reaction to that "image". I have put see and image in quotes because not all people are able to notice them as such.

You see, our conscious and subconscious minds communicate between each other via images and feelings. They all happen so fast that we almost never notice them...

How this communication then manifests in our consciousness depends on individuals...

Most mostly see images inside their minds (visual), others predominantly talk to themselves (oral), some prefer to feel internally or actually physically do the moves (very subtly) before they decide (kynesthetic), even fewer use taste (gustatory) and smell (olfactory).

So you can probably already see what steps are necessary to start guiding imagination of other's so that they will do what you want:

- First step is to determine which representational system these people predominantly use
- Second step is to use covert hypnosis to direct their imagination in a desired direction!

With some practice this can become very easy actually. All you need is to habituate being perceptive and know what to look for. I'll go into more detail in my Audio newsletter at

Now, you have to know that nobody ONLY uses one of the representational systems. Everybody use all of them, but one of them is used predominately!

After some observation you'll soon start to very accurately predict which systems each person you talk to uses at the time (and probably most of the times)... HINT: listen to how they present information to you and feed it back to them :-)

More on this in the newsletter...

Your friend,

Blaz Banic

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